Our History

Dad and Son - Camp

In 1879 some interested citizens started “Y” programs in Flint. On December 16, 1913 the Kearsley Street building was opened. The total cost was $111,426. C.S. Mott was elected the first Board President. It was the culmination of the most successful and greatest community efforts in the history of Flint – greatest because never before was so much money raised in Flint for a single organization.

Camp Copneconic was purchased by C.S. Mott at $15,000 for 185 acres. In 1957 C.S. Mott donated an additional 180 acres for Camp Copneconic. In 1928 Floyd A. Allen donated $25,000 to build Allen Lodge at Camp Copneconic, which is still used today by hundreds of groups as a meeting/activity area and dining hall. In 1959 the Flint YMCA raised $2,602,949 to build a new building at the current Downtown site. The 100,000 square foot facility was dedicated on January 21st, 1962. In 1968 a Health Center, a gift of Mr. And Mrs. William L. Richards, was constructed at Camp Copneconic. The next year a new waterfront was installed and extensive additions were made to the boating fleet – a gift of the Whiting Foundation.