Healthy Living Programs


New to the YMCA or not sure how to use a certain machine? Members are given the opportunity to go through a free one-time orientation with a wellness coach. Equipment orientations will help you learn the proper form and technique for the weight equipment and how to use the cardio equipment. Appointment times and availability vary; please sign-up at the front desk or with a wellness coach.


Are you between the ages of 12-13 and looking to be able to use the fit zone? Youth ages 12-13 are able to use the fit zone and circuit room area after they have completed an orientation and written test with a wellness coach and must be accompanied by a parent. Orientations will last approximately 45 minutes. Appointment times and availability vary; please sign-up at the front desk or with a wellness coach.


Dates: September 12th, November 14th, January 16th,  9 am-12 pm

Please join us in free health screenings provided by Hurley Wellness Services. The screenings offered are: Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate.


Dates: September 24th, 9am-12:00pm and October 11th, 4:00-6:00pm

Genesee County Health Department will be providing an immunization clinic to members, staff, and children (with parent present) .All of the shots can be given to each participant – there does not need to be any time between shots. The immunizations are charged to insurances without a co-pay. If you are under-insured or not insured they do have options available. Shots provided are Influenza, Pneumonia, TDAP, Hepatitis B, and Shingles. All shots can be given at the same time.


Pickleball is a recreational sport that is designed to be played by children and adults of all ages and abilities. It is played on a badminton-sized court with a specialized paddle and ball. Come try this sport that is sweeping the nation!

Pickleball is scheduled as an open gym activity and is available to all on:

Mondays • 8am-10am(Competitive Play)
Wednesdays & Fridays • 10am-12pm