Heritage Club

IMG_0812The mission of the YMCA of Greater Flint Heritage Club is to enable men and women who share the YMCA’s ideals and traditions to ensure this valued heritage continues for future generations. The YMCA Heritage Club’s purpose is to encourage thoughtful gifts as a primary means of building a strong endowment capable of providing lasting support for the YMCA’s mission and then to recognize members whose leadership, service, and devotion to the Flint YMCA have created this heritage.

A commitment to Heritage Club membership is the greatest statement of support to the mission of the YMCA that a friend of the Y can make and becomes the catalyst for more good than you could ever do on you own. In a world where so much comes and goes so quickly, the Flint YMCA has lasted. It is community based, professionally managed, and able to meet the changing conditions of the future. Every day the YMCA helps build Strong Kids, Strong Families, and Strong Communities.

If you are interested in learning more about membership in the Heritage Club please contact Janet Tweddle, COO of the YMCA of Greater Flint. Call us at 810-232-9622 or email us.

YMCA of Greater Flint Heritage Club Members

*Mr. Eldon AukerMr. & Mrs. James Augustine*Mr. & Mrs. William S. BallengerMr. & Mrs. Eugene BaldwinMr. Robert Banwell

Mr. John Baranec

*Dr. & Mrs. Fleming A. Barbour

Mr. & Mrs.* Robert Bellairs

Ms. Virginia Boegner

*Mr. Carl Bonbright

** *Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Braun

** Mr & Mrs. Douglas Brooks

Mr. Dave Cammon

Mr. & Mrs. John Carlson

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Cheek

** Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Chema

** *Ms. Susan Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Coney

Mr. & Mrs. Winfield Cooper III

*Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cordell

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cushman

** Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Cyphert

Mr. Nicholas Daddario

Mr. & Mrs. James Delp

Ms. Mary Delp

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Dennis

*Mrs. Frances B. Dow

** *Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Dow

Mr. & Mrs. Authur Evans

** Mr. & Mrs. Robert Farrow

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Fridline

*Mr. Robert Graham

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hall

*Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hamady

Mr. Aaron Hamp

Mr. Nicholas Hamp

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Handa

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Higgins

Mr. & Mrs. Al Hobson

Mr. & Mrs. David Hughes

Mrs. Judith Irwin

*Ms. Clara Janka

Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Jones

**Mr. & Mrs. *Alfred Keeler

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Keller

Mr. Art Kirsh

** Mrs. Violet Klee

Mr. & Mrs. *Peter Kleinpell

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Knoodle

** Mr. & Mrs. Albert Koegel

Mrs. Foch Lamb

Judge Arthulu Lancaster

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Langdon

*Mr. & Mrs. Robert Largent

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Dale McClelland

Mr. & Mrs. David McCracken

Mr. & Mrs. David McCredie

Mr. & Mrs. John McIntoshMr. & Mrs. Wally McLaughlinMr. & Mrs. Sean McVey** Mr. & Mrs. *James MessmoreMr. & Mrs. Jim Miller

Mr. & Mrs. William Moeller

*Mr. Merle G. Perry

Mr. & Mrs. *Martin Peterson

*Mr. Fred D. Pierson

Mr. & *Mrs. William Piper

Rev. Jack & Mrs. Martha Price

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rachor

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Randall

Mr. & Mrs. *Lou Reid

*Mrs. Marietta G. Richards

*Mr. William Richards

Mr. & Mrs. James Ricker

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ridge

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sargent

** Mr. Joe Schiller

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Schwedler

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Sevillian II

*Dr. Ervin Sill

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sinclair

Mr. & Mrs. George Skaff

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Skaff

** Mr. & *Mrs. Woodrow Skaff

Mr. & Mrs. *Lamar Smith

** Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Snider

** Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sobol

** Mr. & Mrs. George Stewart

Ms. Kathy Stewart

*Ms. Margaret L. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. David Stickel

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Telleen

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thodoroff

** Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Torok

Ms. Mary Ann Tremaine

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Trowbridge

*T. E. Tuttrup

Dr. & Mrs. Brian Tweddle

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Tykocki

*Ms. Marie Wakefield

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Walch

Mr. Donald Walch

Mr. Randy Walker &

Dr. Susan Martin

** Mr. & Mrs Paul Wenstrom

Mr. & Mrs. Wallis White

Ms. Eleanor Willey

*Mr. Ken Williams

Mr. & Mrs. *John Wilsterman

Mr. & Mrs. BenJamin Wylie

*Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Yeotis

Honarable & Mrs. Thomas Yeotis


*deceased **charter member